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HANASHINSUI is situated at the edge of Ise Shima which is situated in the southern part of Mie Prefecture. Ise City, Ise Shima City, and Ise Jingu are destinations for almost 7 million visitors a year, most of whom come to pay respects to Japan's ancestry and to pray for peace, safety and prosperity.

HANASHINSUI Ryokan presents traditional luxury accommodation surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, with superb views of the sea, mountains, and rivers, and is also in abundance with delicious local seafood.

WHAT IS RYOKAN(a Japanese-style hotel)?

Ryokans offer comfort along with luxuries such as onsen (hot springs), open-air baths, traditional gardens, yukata (cotton kimonos) tatami rooms, and cuisine served on beautiful plates. Ryokans give you the opportunity to experience traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality. Experiencing the elements of Japanese culture and customs: living in a room with a tatami floor , futon beds, Japanese style baths and local cuisine, making them popular with both Japanese and foreign tourists alike. Japanese style inns are found throughout the country.

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